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Meta presentation

at Melbourne Ruby meetup

Unfortunately this presentation had a lot of transition and my recording failed, so please have a look at the transitions in video slides below.

  • Slides (not synced to talk)
  • PDF slides

  • Improve perceived performance of your rails application with minimum effort

    at Melbourne Ruby meetup

  • pagelet_rails gem
  • example app
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  • BigPipe: Pipelining web pages for high performance
  • Engineering the New LinkedIn Profile
  • Play Framework & SF Scala: Jim Brikman, Composable Applications in Play, 7/23/14
  • Fluent 2014: Ilya Grigorik, "Speed, Performance, and Human Perception"
  • Steve Souders' Ignite presentation, "The Illusion of Speed", at Velocity 2013.

  • Embedded widgets with Ember.js

    at Melbourne ember.js meetup

    Ruby Community

    at BrisRuby meetup

    Last 2 year

    at BrisRuby meetup

    Comparison in Ruby

    at BrisRuby meetup

    My last three projects - wins and failures

    at Brisbane Web Design meetup

  • Presentation slides

  • D3.js workshop

    at CampJS


  • D3.js Workshop
  • Harlem Shake
  • Mind Blow
  • Examples

  • d3 timer
  • force
  • matrix heat
  • mouse
  • series lines

  • Nested Resources

    at BrisRuby meetup

    Dragonfly gem

    at BrisRuby meetup



    Jewelry Box


    Slim Part 2

    at BrisRuby meetup