Organisation of events, and linking students and industries, are the most important parts of OCA. The discussion will talk about two aspects focused to improve that.

First of all, OCA needs to be a main center for all ITEE events and guests. OCA is a service for students (by students). Due to the lack of student's support, the solution should be as simple as possible. My idea is to setup the online calendar with all events, which are supported by OCA and University.

Some requirements for the calendar:
* Should be public
* Easy accessible everywhere
* Flexible enough
The possible solution: Google Calendar

Secondly. There should be FULL support of ITEE school and staff. OCA don't and can't support many events, so the calendar will be almost empty. There are many professional guest lectures are invited for different courses, there are many events organised by ACS, Engineers Australia and many many others. Many students may be interested in some of the lecturers. Our job is to provide such information to students in the most simplest way. Not many students follow all advertisements on the notice boards, but they might be interested in the events. So by setting up and running one system, it makes the easiest way for student notification. And that is what the OCA exists for.

In addition, agenda for the next couple of weeks can be published on OCA notice board.

Encourages students to use calendar, or at least think and plan for a month ahead.
Provides study related materials.
Increase communication and as a result improving social skills.
Group all ITEE students in one big family, where OCA is the parents.