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Hi, I'm Anton Katunin

I love programming, human psychology, snowboarding and motorcycles. My favourites are: Hello Internet podcast, Cautionary Tales podcast, and Mr. Nobody movie. I live in Melbourne, Australia and you can find me on Internet:


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Split Payments

Lead Developer
Jun 2018 - now
Remote, Australia

I joined Split during the product adoption and company growth phase. I carried out many roles at the same time: lead developer, team lead, tech lead and product manager. One of my main responsibilities was to onboard the team which grew from 3 to 12 people within 6 months, while also moulding and cultivating a strong team culture. These are a few honorable mentions of the changes I helped implement during my time at Split:

  • Meetings: speaker equality, rough consensus, retro, this + last format, punctuality, Discord, 1-on-1s, shaping, grooming, watercooler, donut time.

  • Mentoring: offline discussions, peer feedback, retros, shuhari onboarding, comprehensive PR review, 1-on-1s, pairing culture, what + why.

  • Development: build, maintain and produce core functionalities.

  • Delivery: ShapeUp, kanban, open source contributions, 10% time, team values, autonomy and flexibility, direct responsible individual principle, conventions guide, product & tech demos, product & team roadmaps.

  • Fun: watercooler, brags, donut time, acknowledgement gifts, closing the meeting.

  • New tools: Asana, Discourse, Discord

Used: Event sourcing, rails 5, stimulus.js, webpack, AWS, blue-green deployments, 100% test coverage

Car Next Door

Senior Developer
Mar 2017 – Jun 2018
Remote, Australia

During my time at Car Next Door I took part in many initiatives: introduced new architecture, wrote a workflow system, reduced test time from 14 to 4 minutes, wrote API, added analytics platform, optimised company processes.

Read my memorable moments at Car Next Door

Ride Next Door

CTO, Lead Developer
Nov 2016 – Mar 2017
Remote, Australia

Ride Next Door was a subsidiary product of Car Next Door. I worked in a small team to execute on an idea and deliver the product to the market. It was a bus shuttle service which was designed for commuters. If you are from the US, it was a Chariot's clone.

After joining the company 3.5 months later we launched the service. There were four of us: developer (myself), designer, operations lead and director. For a small and new team we delivered the MVP to the market rapidly. I developed hybrid mobile apps, backend api and web driver interface. Technology to list: vue.js, ionic, angular.js, Rails, web sockets, analytics (keen.io).


Co-Founder / CTO
Dec 2013 – Oct 2016
Remote, Australia

Opensight is a joint venture where I performed the CTO role. We developed an engagement platform for social networks to reward content creation, measure and encourage word of mouth advertising. I was responsible for the system architecture, team management, business and product development.

Used: Rails 4, ember.js, react.js, redis, elasticsearch, postgres, mongodb, hybrid mobile apps, ionic, aws


Rails Developer
Dec 2012 – Dec 2013
Remote, Brisbane, Australia

Worked in a small medical startup in Brisbane. I maintained and enhanced their web application.

Used: Rails 3 and others

Client Heartbeat

Rails Developer
Dec 2012 – May 2013
Remote, Brisbane, Australia

A short contract to maintain an existing Rails application.

Used: Rails 3 and others


Rails Developer
Jul 2012 – Oct 2012
Remote, Australia

Joined an existing project as a contractor to upgrade and develop new functionality. It was an interesting experience to work on a web analytics tool as a single developer.

Used: Rails 3, elasticsearch, mongodb, sinatra, rspec, devise, cancan, slim, delayed_job, fb_graph, heroku

Everyday Hero

Rails Developer
Jan 2012 – Jul 2012
Brisbane, Australia

Rails front-end and back-end developer for a number of different applications, working in a scrum team.

Used: Rails 1, 2 and 3, sinatra, devise, miniTest, capistrano, delayed_job, MySql, statsd, RabbitMQ

Technology One

Jan 2011 – Jan 2012
Brisbane, Australia

Maintenance, support and enhancement of enterprise software (Supply Chain module).

Used: VisualStudio 2008, VB.Net, MS SQL 2008, TFS


Software developer
Nov 2009 – Jan 2011
Northgate, Brisbane, Australia

I was the main developer of a new system for the business, which merges the functionality of previous solutions into one software, covering the entire business process. My duties include close interaction with a client, software and database design, as well as final deployment and integration.

Skills: Project planning, bug tracker, system and database design, while using MS SQL 2008, Visual Studio 2008/2010, C# .Net, LINQ-to-SQL, Entity Framework

The University of Queensland

Bachelor of Information Technology, Software design
2007 – 2010

  • Average GPA 5.9
  • Activities and Societies:
    • ITEE OCA (on campus alumni)
    • ITEE SCC (student consultative committee)
  • Awards:
    • Dec 2007 Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement
    • Jul 2007 Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement
    • Jun 2010 Best Group Project (Advanced IT project 2010)
    • Jul 2010 Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement

IES Foundation Year

2006 - 2006

Tribes Club

Feb 2019 - now

Tribes Club is a service for managing online communities and facilitating meetings based on governing principles.

Ruby Burgers

Nov 2019 - Feb 2020

Ruby meetup with an attempt at philosophical discussion around what makes good code. Stopped due to Coronavirus.

active_interaction-extras gem

Jul 2016 - Jun 2019
Github repo

Extensions to active_interaction gem.

pagelet_rails gem

Jun 2016 - Jun 2018
Github repo

This library is a summary of my experience over the years. It addresses the increasing complexity of big Rails applications. It introduces new architecture which brings a lot of flexibility to the front-end implementation. Improving performance is one of the big benefits.

Used: Rails internals, perceived performance, turbolinks, content streaming, ssi

Ruby Australia

Committee general member
Dec 2016 - Dec 2017

During my term I consolidated all documentation, launched RubyDownUnder forum, participated in the website redesign project and introduced name tags to all ruby meet-ups in Australia.


Feb 2015 - Dec 2015
Github repo

Web application packaged as a Mac app to send online video to airplay compatible devices like AppleTV.

Used: traveling ruby, cuba, sinatra, rails 4, vagrant


Sep 2012 – Jun 2014

In the world with the increasing number of news and blogs, it’s important to filter out the noise. Storyline offers a new way to browse and discover new information on the web.

Used: D3.js, ember.js, rails 3, jQuery


Aug 2011 – Jun 2014

TopicRay is an online discussion and collaboration tool, which provides the ability to have multi-threaded conversations in real-time.

Used: Rails 3, heroku, D3.js, backbone.js, ocanvas, websockets, jQuery


Jun 2012 - Oct 2012

Startup to centralise information for startups in Australia.

Used: Rails 3, cancan, dragonfly, slim