Radical Candor

by Kim Scott

Posted by Anton Katunin on 20 June 2024
Tags: books, audiobook, 2 stars

This book has been a long time on my to-read list, and reviews are high. Recently I saw startup incubator was recommending it so I got it. And oh my, this book is poorly written. The book feels like an author's career brain dump. It's waaay too long, full of name droppings and lacks insights.

The book has two parts. The first part is about the "radical candor" concept. In short, be honest and direct at work, it's more productive for everybody. The second part is a collection of management tips. Most of them are common sense for an average manager. But it was still interesting to read Kim's experience and use it as a reminder.

I think as a society we need better managers, so I welcome any management content. High ratings of this book is just another proof of how bad we have it.