Riding exercises meetup

the second one

Posted by Anton Katunin on 26 July 2016
Tags: motorcycle, meetup

Last sunday I've hosted the second "Practice riding exercises" meetup. It's a definitely improvement from the first one but still many things needs to be worked on.

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Location just like last time was a disaster (which was somewhat expected). We've been approached by security guy shortly after we've started setting up traffic cones. Private property, bla, bla. Anyway, we've moved to Subway car park around the corner to wait for other people. The shop was closed and car park was just big enough for us. So we've stayed there.

Small carpark worked well with a small group of people. We had 6 riders practicing. So it was a good idea to limit attendance to 10 people.

More traffic cones is definitely a big improvement. This time I've brought 80 of them. Just like last time, it was windy and we have to stack multiple cones to stop them flying off. I've anticipated that and brought 10 bags of rice 100g each to weight down the cones. Depends on the wind and location but 100g might not be enough for the next time.

Leader. This is something I didn't plan for but it turned out to be amazing. It was great to have one person just to help out with practice. He picked up dropped cones and randomised directions in exercise so you can't anticipate turns. And just because Vince also was a very experience rider he provided a personalised feedback to everybody. Not sure how to make it work next time but it worked very well this time.

And finally measument system that I was planing to use to setup up cones turned out to be very slow. The plan was to triangulate position of cones based on two locations. I gave up on it after first 5 minutes of trying it. However it partially worked. Once the grid of 5x5m squares was drawn, it was relatively easy to set all the cones relative to that grid.

Overall, I consider that meetup a success. It went for almost 3 hours and seems like all participants got something out of it. The big part of that success is help from Vince.

Till next time.

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