Highlights from Railcamp 20

in Springbrook

Posted by Anton Katunin on 24 December 2016
Tags: ruby, railscamp

Yet another Railscamp. That's what I've felt like before it's started. But on Sunday afternoon, I was already missing it as it was almost over. Great time as always, but should say activity options were more limitted than usual as it was small camp with 60 people and in comparison the previous one had 120.

From the highlights: I was elected as a Ruby Australia committee general member. That was my third attempt and should say I'm very happy I was elected this particular time as committee consist of people who I believe can make a difference and who share a lot of similar frustrations with me.

Another highlight I've helped with small movie which was shot over the weekend. It showed once again that I'm a horrible actor, although I think this time was slightly better than a year ago.

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