Rails Engine

at Melbourne Ruby meetup

I did a presentation about Rails architecture with Lean Engines approach at November Ruby Melbourne meetup.

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Hammer time: Static blog in ruby

at Melbourne Ruby meetup

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Reading RubyWeekly. Next level achieved!

(With a bonus)

RubyWeekly is a weekly email with curated list of links about Ruby. It might take me few hours to read through it if the content is interesting. It’s hard to find 2 hours of focus time. It would be nice if I could track each link in the newsletter separately.

This blog post describes my evolving solution and how you can optimise your workflow and read RubyWeekly with one click.

Rails in real-time

at Melbourne Ruby meetup

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Cron on Heroku in 5 minutes

I wrote a small Rails app, which sends emails on a particular schedule. For example to send an email every week on monday and thursday at 7:00am Melbourne time.

However Heroku doesn’t have cron or good free alternative. I wrote a cron replacement in 5 minutes. This post shows how I did it. There are three parts:

A pitfall of the &. operator in Ruby

Update 1: The article was translated to Japanese

Update 2: This post is featured in RubyWeekly #374

The &. operator, added to Ruby 2.3, is handy and I’ve cleaned a lot of code with it. You can use it in conjunction with default operators as described in Ruby's New &.!= Operator.

Recently I introduced a bug when using &.. First we had:

if start_date && start_date < start_of_month && end_date.nil?
  # …

Meta presentation

at Melbourne Ruby meetup

Unfortunately this presentation had a lot of transition and my recording failed, so please have a look at the transitions in video slides below.


Highlights from Railcamp 20

in Springbrook

Yet another Railscamp. That's what I've felt like before it's started. But on Sunday afternoon, I was already missing it as it was almost over. Great time as always, but should say activity options were more limitted than usual as it was small camp with 60 people and in comparison the previous one had 120.

From the highlights: I was elected as a Ruby Australia committee general member. That was my third attempt and should say I'm very happy I was elected this particular time as committee consist of people who I believe can make a difference and who share a lot of similar frustrations with me.

Another highlight I've helped with small movie which was shot over the weekend. It showed once again that I'm a horrible actor, although I think this time was slightly better than a year ago.

Parallel rendering in Rails

Discussion on Reddit

I will continue to expand the features in the pagelet_rails gem. Since it offers a new way of composition in Rails I've found that there are so many new things we can do. In this post, I will focus on the parallel rendering. Yes, that's right, parallel rendering in Rails. Although, it may sound advanced the concepts behind it are extremely simple. This post however is only relevant to web page rendering.

Update 2: This post was featured in RubyWeekly #318

Improve perceived performance of your rails application with minimum effort

at Melbourne Ruby meetup

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Favourite gems

from Rails Camp 19

I've been asking people for the gems they would recommend to others at Rails Camp 19. This is a compiled list of answers.

Math challenge

Last friday one of my friend gave me a math challenge. You've given four numbers 6, 6, 5 and 2, you need to find 3 math operations to get 17 as a result. You have to use all four numbers and only once each. Order of numbers can be any.

I couldn't figure it out in my head so have to write a ruby script to iterate over all combinations, which turned out as a great coding exercise.

Let the president lead

Proposal to Ruby Australia

TL;DR; I'd like to propose new organisation structure for Ruby Australia: decrease committee role and give more power to the president.

Recently I went to Rails Camp 19 in Adelaide and as always Ruby Australia General Meeting was held there. I've seen many committee meetings but only now realised that the organisational model for Ruby Australia is chosen incorrectly.

Ruby Community

at BrisRuby meetup

Last 2 year

at BrisRuby meetup

Comparison in Ruby

at BrisRuby meetup

Nested Resources

at BrisRuby meetup

Dragonfly gem

at BrisRuby meetup

Slim Part 2

at BrisRuby meetup