Rails Engine

at Melbourne Ruby meetup

I did a presentation about Rails architecture with Lean Engines approach at November Ruby Melbourne meetup.

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Improve perceived performance of your rails application with minimum effort

at Melbourne Ruby meetup

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Circular dependency in Rails

This is an interesing bug I've encountered this week. While our Rails application was working in development it was completely broken in UAT environment (which is 99% production like)

We were getting Circular dependency detected while autoloading constant error on all of our reports.

Report rake (>=0.9) exceptions to NewRelic

NewRelic service is great for application monitoring and errors tracking. However it doesn't track rake exceptions by default. You can use AirBrake gem and service, but sometimes it's too much for you. Fortunately with a bit of ruby it's easy to do it yourself.

Order of columns in table index matters (postgres)

Today was trying to figure out why my query was running very and very slow.