High Performance Habits

by Brendon Burchard

Posted by Anton Katunin on 31 January 2020
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I like this book because it's practical. I also hate it in places because it feels like the book couldn't qualify as a best seller without completely unnecessary chapters. The book can be very useful if you can finish it.

First of all few words about the author. It's hard to respect Brendon when he is proud that he wrote a book in 1 month (not this book). Author who seeks success while openly claiming that good research is unnecessary. You will see that while reading it. Few chapters are written around author's personal stories and claims based on it. So yeah, who needs research?

The best part the book is very well structured and easy to follow. The content is weak in places, but there is nothing that conflicts with my personal experience, so it's easy for me to accept it even with weak arguments.

The book presents 6 habits and 3 common mistakes/traps.

Habit One: Seek Clarity

Envision the Future Four. Everything starts with your place in this world. Have clarity on 4 things:

  • self - who you want to be
  • social - how you want to interact with others
  • skills - what skills you need to win in the future
  • service - how you can make a difference and serve with excellence

Determine the Feeling You’re After. Be more proactive with you feelings. Determine the feeling you want to bring and get from each situation.

Define What’s Meaningful. Figure out what activity is important to you and spend more time there.

Habit Two: Generate Energy

Release Tension, Set Intention. I like this one. Stop carrying emotions and stress between activities. In the transition stop for a minute and clean your brain from all the stress and worries. Also set a clear intention for the next activity.

Bring the Joy. Have fun yourself and bring it to others. Set triggers to remind yourself to be positive and grateful.

Optimize Health. Treat your body with respect and look after it. That includes sleep, exercise, and nutrition. I also add myself to exercise your brain by learning new things.

Habit Three: Raise Necessity

Know Who Needs Your A Game. Get some focus, spend your time where it yields the highest return.

Affirm the Why. Repeat your "why" to yourself and share it to others. That will motivate you and will allow people to help you.

Level Up Your Squad. Your social circle affects you, so spend more time with the most positive and successful people in your peer group. Keep building your ideal network of supportive and empowering people.

Habit Four: Increase Productivity

Increase the Outputs That Matter. Just like focus with time in 3.1, you need to get focus on results. What outputs determine your success. Say No to the rest.

Chart Your Five Moves. Now you know your end result, list top 5 moves/projects that will get you closer to it. Then breakdown each project into deliverables, deadlines, and activities.

Get Insanely Good at Key Skills (Progressive Mastery). In addition to the achieved goal you need to work on yourself. What are the five major skills you need to develop over the next three years. Master those skills.

Habit Five: Develop Influence

Teach People How to Think. Always ask yourself how do you want other people to think about (a) themselves, (b) other people, and (c) the world at large. Then go communicate that consistently. Shape people’s thinking by saying things like: “Think of it this way ...” “What do you think about ...” “What would happen if we tried ...”

Challenge People to Grow. Observe people’s character, connections, and contributions, and actively challenge them to develop those things even further. Ask people if they gave their all, if they could be treating those around them better, and if they could give even more or serve with even greater excellence and distinction.

Role Model the Way. Ask yourself: How can I handle this situation in a way that will inspire others to believe in themselves, be their best, and serve others with integrity, heart, and excellence?

Habit Six: Demonstrate Courage

Honor the Struggle. Don’t complain, view struggle as a necessary, important, and positive part of your journey.

Share Your Truth and Ambitions. Be genuine. Share your true thoughts, feelings, needs, and dreams with other people. Do not play small to placate others. Live your truth.

Find Someone to Fight For. You will do more for others than for yourself. Find that person and use the motivation and courage to fight the struggle.

Three Traps

Superiority. Always remember that all people are the same. Your success is mere result of your habits and choices. That does not make you superior. Everybody else has the potential to achieve the same. Yes, not all will achieve it, but many will. You will loose all respect when you'll look down on your peers.

Dissatisfaction. What gets you promoted on one level, kills you on another. Being dissatisfied brings extra motivation to change things. You use the negative fuel to power your successes. But watch out, it's too easy to slip into the void and see the flaws in everything. There nothing brings you joy. You will never be happy chasing the perfect world which could never be achieved. Your constant dissatisfaction is the most dangerous to the people around you, because you rip them off of their happiness as well.

Neglect. Having focus is great, but having too much focus will destroy your life. Do not ignore any area in your life with a hope you will make it up in the future. It will cause more issues long term. Always maintain the balance. Today will never happen again.

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