Opening to Vulnerability

by Dr. Krishnananda Trobe MD and Amana Trobe

Posted by Anton Katunin on 23 November 2023
Tags: books, 5 stars

You probably heard about the topic of vulnerability. It's becoming more popular. Brene Brown is usually the first author mentioned. I've read her Dare to Lead book and found her communication style is very hard to consume, which put me off the topic for some time. It's lacking content and unnecessarily stretched.

Unlike Dare to Lead, The Learning Love Handbook is written in a simple language. It communicates like a person would explain it to you.

I love how practical this book is. It has a good balance between theory, examples, and exercise. It's fairly short and to the point.

The book starts with a model explaining our essence, trauma and protection mechanisms. It's one of the simplest and yet powerful models I've seen. The content overlaps with my therapy experience

I recommend this book to everybody. It could be life changing because it teaches a new life perspective, which most people could benefit from. The perspective that can get you unstuck from psychological traps and start growing.

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