The Fund

by Rob Copeland

Posted by Anton Katunin on 31 December 2023
Tags: books, 3 stars

Two months ago I read the Principles book, which resonated with me. I was eager to find more details about their processes, but surprisingly there was very little public information on the internet. I got very lucky with timing because this year The Fund book was released, which shows a different side of the same story. It's good investigative journalism and I wish all books came with alternative perspectives.

The book is full of office politics, competition for power, people's insecurities, lies, abuse and domination. I think it's a great candidate for a movie.

The Fund book helped me to better understand the background and filter information from the Principles book. I still think it's a good book, but now I'd say only half of it is relevant. It's a shame that good ideas are poorly applied and associated with bad characters.

The book felt unnecessary long at times and could benefit from better writing and structure. But it was enough for me to enjoy.

The Fund book is a must read if you read Principles book or follow Ray Dalio's work.